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Exodus Language School of Mongolia
English Level Test
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1. I______ a student of English.
2. _____she like sport?
3. When_____ have lunch?
4. Do you like _______DVDs?
5. They start _______ school at 8.00 in the morning?
6. Peter’s ____ name is Michael.
7. She’s very friendly but she ___ very quiet.
8. _____ a sofa and two armchairs in the living room.
9. Are they ________ wardrobes in the bedroom?
10. The cinema is ____the bank.
11. How _____ vegetables do you eat every day?
12. Is there _______- butter in the fridge?
13. My birthday is on September ______.
14. They went for a picnic with some friends _____Sunday.
15. He stayed at the _____ hotel in town.
16. What _____ your sister look like?
17. She _____ jeans to work.
18. They _____ a taxi to the airport an hour ago.
19. You _____ to walk, you can take a bus.
20. He _____ to move to another country.
21. I’ve got a bad headache. I _____ take an aspirin.
22. Please turn the radio down. It’s _____.
23. Sorry, I don’t understand. Please speak _____.
24. _____ you ever flown in a helicopter?
25. He _____ climbed a mountain in his life.
26. I _____ London because I got a job there.
27. She’s a very busy personal trainer so she _____ takes a holiday.
28. What _____ on the moment?
29. ______ wrote the play Hamlet?
30. We should avoid _____ in August.
31. I_______ wear a uniform to school.
32. I travelled around the world for a year _____ learn about other cultures.
33. Children spend _____ hours watching TV.
34. Can I try this coat ______, please?
35. I don’t have ______ to do the things I enjoy.
36. There’s more traffic and _____space to walk in the streets nowadays.
37. She worked as a teacher in ____ Africa.
38. The postman hasn’t delivered the parcel____.
39. A lot of people think that if they ____ lots of money, they’ll be very happy.
40. What ____ happen if he doesn’t get here in time?
41. She told me she ____ buy me a new one.
42. What would they do if they ____ have any money?
43. I’d do more exercise if I ____ time.
44. ____ be possible to reserve a table for tonight?
45. He’s French but he ____ in London at the moment.
46. When ____ arrive?
47. Who ____ all this mess?
48. What ____ of doing now?
49. Have you told them the good news ________?
50. ____ Thai food?
51. They ____ to take her address so they had to go back and get it.
52. We ____ on holiday tomorrow so I hope the weather stays warm.
53. Do you think they ____ the championship?
54. The room ____ look more cheerful if you paint it yellow.
55. People ____ smoke in public buildings.
56. You ________ enter the marathon if you don’t want to.
57. I ____ find another job. I can’t work with that awful boss any more.
58. She ____ in a bank for over twenty years.
59. She is one of ____ students in her class.
60. These shoes were ____ expensive than I wanted to pay.
61. That shop’s not ____ it used to be.
62. We ____ have to leave yet, do we?
63. I can’t work if I ____ very hungry?
64. He won’t pass the exam__ he studies lot more.
65. Would you lend me your car if I ____ to drive it carefully?
66. How long have you ____ the violin?
67. I ____ listening to jazz music.
68. He ¬¬¬¬ __ swim then he was five but he can’t dive yet.
69. I’ve just seen ____ perfect car for you!
70. I didn’t know they had a summer cottage ____ south coast of Spain.
71. They seem to have ____ money but they don’t have many friends.
72. We don’t have ____ time or money to go on holiday.
73. She’s the woman ____ son is a famous pop star.
74. Is that the coat ____ you said you wanted to buy?
75. The furniture ____ by her husband, who used to be a carpenter.
76. They didn’t want to do it but the boss said they ____ to.
77. I asked her if she ____ my new mobile.
78. Why don’t we ____ to take them to the airport?
79. What ____ after that?
80. ____ to know what’s going on.
81. They ____ in a large house for 20 years before moving to a bungalow.
82. Have you heard from your brother____ .
83. I ____ for my car keys for half an hour. I think I’ve lost them.
84. Her parents are very proud. She ____ a fantastic job in a law firm.
85. You ____ what to do when you get there.
86. I ____ sharing a flat but now I prefer to live on my own.
87. They’ll never get used ____ in the countryside.
88. Shops ____ from 8.30 am until 6pm tomorrow.
89. She ____ come if you tell two weeks before.
90. I didn’t feel like going to the party. I ____ an excuse.
91. The children played in the garden with____ dogs.
92. If I ____ to your proposal, when could we sign the contract?
93. Children under 15 could attend ____ they were with an adult.
94. His boss refused ____ him the day off.
95. We had very little petrol left in the car but we ____ get home in the end.
96. By this time tomorrow, they ___ in San Francisco.
97. There are still ____ people who feel unhappy about the changes
98. ____ of us feel like going out on a cold, wet, winter’s night.
99. They told ____ start work the following Monday.
100. They ____ to wear glasses, she could have been a pilot.
101. You’d ____ late for work again or you’ll get fired.
102. She went to the doctor because she keeps ____ headaches.
103. It’s not worth ___ about. He won’t notice it’s missing.
104. I’ll never ____ snow for the first time.
105. The neighbors ____ the noise of the party. It was terribly loud.
106. The gym __I go to work out is open 24 hours a day.
107. I wasn’t keen on the restaurant ____ we went to last weekend.
108. They’re having lunch with his girlfriend’s parents, ____ live in Brighton.
109. I almost feel over a pile of books ____ on the carpet.
110. A book ____ by a 12 years old girl has won a $2 500 award.
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