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Self- Report Intake Form
This self-report/intake form and your supporting documentation must be received by the Department of Special Services/Project Assist in order to start receiving accommodations. Supporting documentation includes but is not limited to: Professional learning, cognitive, psychological, psychiatric, and/or medical evaluations/reports, Medical Professional letter typed on letterhead. Please see Documentation of Disability requirements and alternative medical professional forms on our website for further information.
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Please rate yourself in regards to the following activities based on a college classroom. *
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Learning a Foreign language
Asking for help
Identifying a major
Peer relationships
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What do you consider to be your greatest strengths in a classroom setting? *
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Do you have medical documentation, professional evaluations, and/or medical professional letter that details your condition(s) in which you are seeking accommodations? Documentation should clearly state your diagnosis, the resulting functional limitations, and recommendations. *
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