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SIMBY Essentials: iPhone Photography
This is a 6-week online photography workshop led by Black womxn, Kyra Williams and Ruby Johnston, and catered to Black high school girls. This experience is designed to amplify the voices of Black womxn and girls through representation, empowerment, and the celebration of our images. SWBAT share the world through their eyes as young Black girls with a camera in their pockets. While using their iPhones to learn the basics of camera function, lighting, photoshoots, and editing, they’ll also be developing their abilities to tell stories and construct narratives with intention through photography. We’ll be discussing social issues impacting their livelihood through imagery and highlighting the use of their lenses as their voices. These students will walk away with an archive of inspiring images taken by or of Black womxn and girls, including them. Throughout these six weeks, they will also be introduced to Black womxn who are professional photographers, gaining an understanding of the various types of photography that exist as well. In the end, these girls will start to decide whether photography is a hobby or career for them and thrive in either lane that they choose. If they should decide to proceed in learning photography, they’ll be able to convert their new knowledge into a professional camera workshop in the future.
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