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Parent Advisers for Career Exploration
We are looking for parents and other volunteers who would like to share their career information with our Hemlock Middle School students. We are targeting 7th and 8th graders with this program, although if the presenter chooses, we can extend this to another grade--6 or 5. Our program goal is to help our students develop career Individual Development Plans that they can use to think about career options that might interest them, assess their strengths and interests, guide their high school course selections, make post-secondary career and education plans and expand their horizons for work and education. Presentations should be short (20 minutes or so), as interactive as possible, include visual aids (objects, video, audio, pictures, typical work dress, etc.), and designed to show students the positives in pursuing the presented career choice/career pathway. We are hoping to help our students examine: What are my goals? What am I good at? What type of work do I enjoy? What kind of work–life balance do I want for my future? What does a successful career entail? Do I need additional training to pursue this career? Do I have interests and/or skills that I could use in this career?

We are aiming to get as many different careers as possible presented to our students. No career is too small or too big. We hope to cover all the various Career Pathways found at Please join us in this effort by completing our survey below.

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