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July's Nomination for Jane's Nominate & Donate Celebration
I chose public servants as our final HOMESTEAD birthday celebration honorees because public servants have been so helpful in our lives. When we first moved to the ranch, our setter dog disappeared. It was the local postmistress who learned about a stray dog 12 miles downriver. Ricky's ID tag said "Bend" because we hadn't changed it yet so people didn't know how to reach us. But the postmistress did! She put a note in our mailbox telling us and voila, we got Ricky back (driving 50 miles to get him!). When we needed help putting in the phone line, the head of the road department on a weekend helped us with the right-of-way; ambulance drivers (volunteers) came down our road more than once. Fires brought both neighbors and the volunteer fire departments. When we had trouble, we called the state police and Sheriff or BLM staff and they always came to assist. Today, I love my postal deliverers and those I take my books to mail to. The police have assisted during a scare; And once again we've used that ambulance!

This is the link to read all about the 6 months of celebration!

July is our final month to celebrate Jane's 70th & Homestead's 25th! To nominate someone, fill out the the Google form below. It's fast and easy! We are looking forward to announcing the grand prize winners at the beginning of August. Who will enjoy lunch with Jerry & Jane on the deck of Homestead?

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