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Nuit des Cordes Incident Report Form
Nuit des Cordes believes in creating an environment that respects our values.

We want to give participants and members of the NDC community the opportunity to share information about situations, individuals or groups they are concerned with.
If you think a person or group does not fit our values or is dangerous to NDC participants, please let us know.

You can also use this form to raise concerns about NDC organizing committee members.

We will do our best to respect the way we are asked to manage the situation.

We plan to use the reports to help us create a safer space and ensure that those who participate in NDC are respectful of our values. If we receive information that an individual or group poses a potential danger to NDC participants, we will use the information received to address a situation and/or potentially deny access to certain people.


1. When we receive the form, we will discuss the situation within the organizing committee, unless you have told us that you do not want a particular person to be involved or if your report involves a member of the organizing committee. If you mention on the form that you want to discuss later with us, we will get in touch with you. At least two members of the organizing committee will participate in these conversations.

2. We will follow up with others to inform them that we have received a report about them and to provide them with an opportunity to discuss the situation with us.

3. We can follow up on other questions with everyone's permission to do so.

4. We will decide whether action should be taken if we believe that someone does not fit our values or if we consider the situation to be a danger to participants in our events.

5. We will notify those affected by our decision (unless someone has asked that we do not).

6. If someone has been banned from our events, we are open to discussion after 12 months if the person demonstrates that they have gone through an accountability process, have changed their behaviour and believe that they can respect our values. Please note that we may reject applications if we do not believe that allowing people to return to our events will honor our values or participants.

If you have been harmed but do not think this process would be of any use to you at this time, we support you and encourage you to consult your local resources.
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Is there anyone on the NDC OrganizingCommittee you do NOT want reading this report? (__Blue__, Kale, MlleKate). If you list a name here, we will ensure that person does not read this form. *
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Could we contact you for follow up discussion regarding this situation? If yes, what is the best way to reach you. If no, please give us an idea of what you'd like to see happen going forward, so we can consider that in our decision making process *
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