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WFS Dance Louder and Prouder Permission Slip Saturday, May 19, 2018: 8pm – 11pm
Wilmington Friends School expects all students and visitors to follow the school’s core values and drug and alcohol policy as stated below.

Respect for Self and Others: We expect you to show respect, tolerance, and care for yourself and for others.
Honesty: We expect you to be truthful in all your interactions with people. This expectation includes academic integrity [See “Academic Honesty Policy”].
Obedience: We expect you to respectfully obey all requests and instructions given by adults working at the school.
Respect for Property: Everything at school belongs to someone. We expect you to respect all property and never to damage it or take it without permission of the owner.
Peaceful Resolution of Conflict: We expect you to use conflict resolution skills and communication to solve interpersonal problems.
The above expectations are so fundamentally important that the consequences for failing to meet them could be severe, even involving suspension or expulsion from Friends School.

No student shall possess, sell, transfer or use alcohol or illegal or controlled substances, as defined by Delaware state law, in any form on the school grounds, at school functions, on school transportation, or at school-sponsored events.
Any violation of this rule will result in an automatic 5-day suspension while further consequences are being determined. Further consequences may include additional days of suspension, probation, and/or expulsion.

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My signature below indicates that I am aware of the core values and drug and alcohol policies of the school and that I will comply with all of the above at this event. I understand that if I leave the dance, I will not be permitted to reenter. *
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