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Residential Assistant Application: WTP-EECS 2017
You are eligible to apply to be a WTP-EECS Residential Assistant if
1) you are a current female MIT undergraduate or MEng student (or recent graduate), and
2) you will be age 18 or older as of June 12, 2017

You DO NOT need to be a Course 6 major! You will be working primarily in the dorm, not the classroom, so you do not need EECS curriculum experience.

This is a paid full-time position for 7 weeks (June 12-July 28, 2017) plus MIT dorm housing and free food. You will live in the dorm with the high school students attending WTP, creating social events, building community, and leading field trips in Boston and Cambridge. Residential Assistant hours will primarily be weekends and evenings during the first 3 weeks the high school students are here, but in week 4 you will help supervise them in the Pappalardo Lab (we will train you).

Important note: you MAY NOT hold any other jobs or have any other commitments (such as tour guides, UROPs or other research) during the 7 weeks your work for WTP.

If you DO want to be a Tutor for EE. CS, or Math in the classroom, this is not the correct application. Please fill out the Tutor application instead at . If you are uncertain about whether or not you have enough curriculum experience to be a Tutor just fill out the Tutor application -- you don't have to also complete this Residential Assistant application.

For more details about the Residential Assistant position and schedule, read the Residential Assistant Job Description BEFORE you apply:

Email any questions you have to

TO APPLY: Complete this online application form AND
Send an email to attaching your Resume

Cynthia Skier (WTP-EECS curriculum track coordinator) will then contact you to arrange an interview.

Residential Assistants will be hired on a rolling basis.

Background checks are required by MIT before hiring (because you will be working with minors).

WTP staff must be age 18 or older. On June 12, 2017 will you be: *
Your FIRST Name *
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Your LAST Name *
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Your email address *
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Cellphone#: *
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Current Year at MIT *
MIT Department/Major (if you are still undeclared, either put "undeclared" or list the major you expect to choose). *
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Name of your Current MIT Advisor *
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Were you a WTP student while in high school? *
If you were a WTP student, what year and curriculum track (EECS or ME) did you attend?
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Why do you want to be a WTP Residential Assistant? *
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Have you ever worked as a... *
Please describe below the nature of that experience.
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List your Fall 2016 MIT Courses: *
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IAP 2017: Courses and Activities *
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Spring 2017 Courses you will take *
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Do you expect to still be an MIT Student after June 2017? *
If you answered "No" or "Not Certain" to the above question, describe why.
If you check "Other" below, please briefly describe the reason.
Are you an International Student? *
Do you have experience using any of the power tools below? Check all that apply. *
(This is not a requirement, we will train you).
Describe below how you used any of the tools in the previous question (what did you build or fix?).
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Do you speak any languages other than English? *
If you DO speak other languages besides English, please list them below and indicate how fluent you are.
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Python experience: please self-rate your CS background and your ability to help the WTP students during office hours with their homework (we may ask Residential Assistants to help with this too). Check all that apply. *
Check below some evening and weekend activities you would enjoy doing with the WTP students. *
Do you have more ideas for activities you'd like to share with the WTP students?
Please note that because WTP students are under age 18 we cannot engage in some activities (such as bicycling, sailing, hiking, canoeing) and they are not allowed by MIT to use the athletic facilities (no pools, gyms, dance studios, tennis courts). We also cannot afford expensive tickets to events such as Red Sox games and theater performances.
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