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Raise Your Hand - RYH
‘Raise Your Hand’ campaign is about breaking the culture of shame and silence around menstruation in our day to day life and to provide basic 100,000 menstrual 'Dignity Packs' to women & girls from far flung areas.
#RaiseYourHand #NJPC
Why Raise Your Hand campaign..
We all have someone in our life.. our mother, daughter, wife, friend, who every month deals with menses in an environment of silence and shame, at a risk to their health and dignity. Even the sanitary pads are given to us in a black polythene. This must change.. but it will change when we think of menstruation as a normal human issue rather than a women’s issue. Raise Your Hand is about initiating a conversation about menstruation and its connect with a woman’s health and for providing basic 100,000 menstrual 'Dignity Packs' to women & girls from far flung areas.
When you Raise Your Hand you will..
1.Organize a 'Chuppi Todo Baithak' (Break the Silence meeting) with any 5 or more men and women in your network. These could be your family, friends or even men and women who help you in your day to day life like your domestic help, driver, sabzi wali, press wali etc.
2. Make a monetary contribution to reach Dignity Packs to women and girls. (to contribute - click on the link in section 4)
3.Tag others to do the same.
4. Use#MHDayMay28th #RaiseYourHand #NJPCbyGoonj Hashtags to go viral.
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