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BravO! National Dance & Talent Competition 2019 Application - Touring Staff
Thank you for your interest in being a part of the BravO! Team for the 2019 Season! Please answer all questions below to the best of your ability. If you have any questions about the application process, please email of Office Manager at
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Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career: *
Tell us specifically why you believe you will thrive in this position: *
Tell us about a time when things didn't go the way you wanted - plans were changed, a project didn't turn out, your team members weren't helpful - how did you handle it? *
Tell us about a time, at your last job, when you had to work in a team environment. What strengths did you bring to the team? What did you enjoy about the teamwork? What did you not enjoy? *
What sort of people do you look forward to working on a project with? *
When you encounter a problem with a teammate/coworker, how do you approach it? *
How adaptable would you say you are when something unexpected occurs? What is a example of a time you had to be adaptable during a previous job? *
Have you ever worked a seasonal/contracted job before? If so, what did you like about the experience? What did you dislike? *
How often do you check your personal email? *
Tell us something about your last job, other than money, that would have inspired you to keep working there: *
One of the most important things we ask of new hires is commitment. List anything that could happen between now and the start of the season (February 2019) that would cause you to no longer want to work for BravO! *
How does it affect you to not get a full night's sleep? *
In rare cases, you may be required to fly overnights to make it to the competition on time. Is this something you would be willing to do? *
Do you have a reliable way to get yourself to the airport each week? *
What about your current life circumstances makes BravO! a good fit for you? *
Are you available to travel Thursdays-Mondays from February 7th through May 21st of 2019? *
If your above answer is 'No', please provide additional information as to when you would be available:
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