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Beardfest 2022 Workshop Application
We're excited to make each year's educational offerings more well-rounded and well-promoted! By 6:00pm, Wednesday, April 13th, please fill out this form with as much information as possible about the workshop, discussion, or bodywork class you'd like to facilitate at Beardfest 2022 (June 16-18). REMEMBER THAT THIS YEAR IS OUR 10TH BEARDFEST, SO WE WANT YOUR VERY BEST OFFERINGS TO HELP US CELEBRATE! What you submit here will help with final decision-making about featured workshops. We want educational offerings to boast participatory content where you're able (i.e. not just lecture), so get creative, and tell us about participant engagement. If you've already taught at Beardfest, we'd rather not see repeat workshops, so change it up! Be specific!

Our team is able to find resources or reimburse you for agreed-upon materials costs up to $50, and you may request payment for your teaching time, but know in advance that acceptance does not guarantee honorariums. If your workshop is selected, you will receive free admission and camping for the whole fest and a free meal provided by Hospitality on the day of your workshop. If you're not selected for a featured workshop, you will still have the opportunity to showcase your passions in the Skillshare Classroom.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Robyn at **Upon completion of the application, please e-mail Robyn at least one high quality photo of yourself (preferably doing your craft), your craft, and/or your logo for promotional purposes.**

Thanks so much for your commitment to continue growing Beardfest as an inspiring, healthy, empowering community event that drives people throughout the year!
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Upon submission of this application, please e-mail at least one high quality photo of yourself, your workshop craft, and/or your logo to for promotion. Until this happens, your application will be considered incomplete.
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