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Analysis of the reality about racism and xenophobia in Europe
During these years of war in the Middle East and Africa, many people have had to flee their countries, but have encountered several walls, both physical and a great intolerance. The self-called "identitarian" groups , which not only reject them but also sow the society of racism and intolerance through social activities camouflaged by xenophobia, has risen all around Europe
I would be grateful if you would answer these questions. I want to implement a project about tolerance

Patricia López Muñoz
Specialist Technical in Immigration
Advanced Technician in Sociocultural Animation

Do you distinguish the difference between economic migrant and refugee?
Do you see immigration as an invasion?
What do you think of the appearance of identitarian groups, who reject immigration because they consider that European identity is being attacked or lost?
Your answer
Do you think that migrants take away aid to European citizens?
What is your opinion about interculture?
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Do you think it is necessary to raise awareness against racism and xenophobia in schools?
Do you think there are too many migrants?
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