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School-Wide Students' Needs Assessment Survey
Student Questionnaire
1. I feel welcome and safe at my school. *
2. My teachers believe that I will do well in school. *
3. My teachers find a way to help me when I am not doing well. *
4. My parents tell me a good education is needed for success as an adult. *
5. Principals are often seen throughout the school talking to students. *
6. Teachers are prepared to teach my lessons in class *
7. Behavior problems DO NOT interfere with learning in my classes. *
8. The school administrators (principal and assistant principal) believe that I will do well in school. *
9. My teachers tell me how I am doing and how I can improve my knowledge to earn better grades. *
10. My parents know what is going on in my school. *
11. Principals help me when I am having trouble at school. *
12. Teachers work together with other teachers to help students be successful. *
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