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Technology Resources Acceptable Use Agreement

9-12 Grade Student

NCA provides technology resources for educational use. These resources include, but are not limited to, hardware, software, printers, servers, filtered Internet access and networks. As such, the staff reserves the right to limit technology use for educational purposes only.

As a student, I understand that technology use is a privilege and agree to follow these rules:

I will:
Treat technology respectfully and report any issues.
Recognize that school technology use is not private and that the school district may monitor my activity.
Use electronic communication for educational purposes. I understand that personal communication during school hours is not encouraged.
I will respect copyright laws. I will cite all sources appropriately.
I will cultivate a positive online presence, stay safe and not share my personal information.
I will immediately report any incidents where I accidentally access inappropriate material.

I will not:
Download illegal material, including but not limited to software, music or movies.
Attempt to gain unauthorized access into systems.
Use school technology for commercial purposes, to buy or sell anything.
Use my mobile device as a hotspot without teacher permission, as it interferes with the district wireless service.
Use school technology to promote a particular point of view or philosophy.
Attempt to bully or or intentionally hurt anyone online.
Photograph someone or post a photograph without their consent. I will not share identifying personal information about another person online.
Access, store or share offensive images or content that are contrary to the New Covenant Academy Warrior code of behavior.

I understand the importance of these rules. I understand that technology privileges may be taken away if I break the rules.

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