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Robots quiz
Exceptional Technique in Everyday Issues and More
1 What is a robot? *
2 Which country is the word „robot“ from?
3 Who invented the word „robot“? *
4 What is the name of the first robot which got an identity card? *
5 Which country is that robot with the identity card from? *
6 What language can that robot with the identity card speak? *
7 Is a smartphone a robot? *
8 What does „robotics“ mean? *
9 Can robots help doctors with surgery? *
10 What is the name of a building kit that you can build a robot with? *
11 What was the name of the main character in R.U.R by Čapek? *
12 How many laws of robotics existed originally? *
13 What is the first law of robotics? *
14 What book are the laws of robotics from? *
15 Who is the author of the original laws of robotics? *
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