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I am pleased that you are interested in joining our team! Below are a few expectations from being an iFUEGO MODEL.

There are two different kinds of models within our agency. You are not required to be a FUEGO HONEY.

Model: Takes sexy half naked photos with erotic poses.

Honey: Takes sexy half naked, naked, and sexually explicit photos with sexual or erotic poses.

1. There will be times where you will be asked to do photo shoots for events/clothing lines/stripping/bartending/magazines. You must be comfortable posing half naked, topless, or lingerie.

2. You must make sure that you are available for events time if you have been booked. If you are unable to make that particular booking, you must let myself or one of the managers know 48 hours in advance. You will get one warning if you fail to let us know in advance. Any other times after that, you will immediately be ejected from the group. Word travels quickly and the last thing I want is for my agency to look unprofessional.

3. If someone would like to book you for an event, please refer them to iFUEGO Magazine mainstore, and have them fill out the notecard and drop it inside of our mailbox. Any model under iFUEGO Modeling agency, MUST book through us. If you want to do your own booking, that is totally understandable, this may not be the agency for you.

4. All models will receive 80% of their pay. Meaning if a client were to pay $1,000Ls to secure booking, you will receive $800Ls.

5. Girls who have been booked for bartending, stripping, etc will receive 100% of pay through their tip jar. The only thing that you will receive 80% pay from, will be from your booking fee.

6. I understand that we are women, and sometimes we all may not agree. However, I want for us all to be a family. I don't condone messy/shiesty behavior. Please do not bad mouth one another or have this group of girls looking "messy" if you are caught causing confusion within the group, you will get one warning, the next time will result in ejection.

7. I do ask that all models within this agency stay exclusively with us. Meaning, we do not condone being a part of another modeling agency, that would be considered as conflict of interest. If you do not agree with that, this may not be the agency for you. All models will be added to a special section of our website where clients will be able to see your work and read all about you for potential bookings. Please make sure that you add us to your "picks" in your profile. You must also join IFUEGO MAGAZINE group and have both groups visible on your profile.

8. All bookings has to be paid through the tip jar. You are not to accept any payments for bookings directly. If caught doing so, you will be ejected from group immediately.


Basic/clothed/lingerie/bathing suits is $500L per hour.

Events hosting/stripping/bartending is a flat rate of $500L to book model. Tips and etc will be 100% earnings of the model, or whatever arrangement the club has.

Nude: $1,500L per hour. Model will take nude photos, however they can not be sexually explicit; meaning model will not agree to being photographed performing sexual acts.

Explicit modeling: $3000 per hour, meaning model will perform sexual acts or take sexually explicit photographs.

**If this still looks like something you want to be a part of, please fill out the information below. Please know and understand that you MUST be 18+ or older in real life in order to be a part of this agency. If ever revealed that you are a minor, you will be reported to Second Life and ejected and remove from all sites, groups, and publishing's. Please make sure your instagram page is public, or request @ifuegomodelinggroup so that we can follow you back to review your pictures. Profiles with non SL avatar pictures, no pictures, or proof of activity will not be considered.
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