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Snow Yak Teaching Fellowship Application 2019
Every year, Snow Yak Foundation (SYF) has been engaging motivated youth to serve as teachers at some of the remotest villages in Lower and Upper Dolpa district of Nepal. SYF announces application open for Snow Yak Teaching Fellowship 2018 which will entail:

1) Training, orientation and preparation happening in December.
2) Departure to Dolpa in two batches in late February and mid-April, that involve flight and multiple days of trekking.
3) Service for six to nine months at local schools in a team of at least two or more including local teachers.
4) Living and learning from Upper and Lower Dolpa communities.
5) One of the candidates will be selected as a team leader in each batch.
6) Reporting about the works during inspection period in Dolpa.
7) Written reporting and reflection upon return between October and November 2019.

1) Completed +2, 'A' levels or equivalent level of education (Minimum).
2) Physically fit to trek and live in cold conditions.
3) Prior experience in working in rural communities and/or teaching will be helpful to the rest of the team.

Fellows will receive financial support for transportation as well as basic living stipends for their service in Dolpa.

For more information, please visit; and
Phone: 9849044636, 9841527462

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for the next round of selection. Application deadline is 25th January 2019. Applicants will hear back after the deadline.

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*All of the information provided will remain confidential within the selection team of Snow Yak Foundation.

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