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Special Diet Notification Form
The Laurel Highlands Council and its food service staff take dietary needs very seriously and will do what they can to accommodate needs. In order to do that, there are a few things we need your help with:

1) Please make sure to submit this form at least two weeks prior to camp to allow ample time for camp food service staff to plan to accommodate needs. Requests submitted less than two weeks prior to arrival may not be able to be accommodated. Please submit a separate form for each camper with special dietary needs.

2) When you arrive at camp, make sure to personally introduce yourself or your Scouts with special dietary needs to the camp food service staff. This will help them connect a name with a face and follow up to ensure needs are being met.

3) If special meals or items have been requested, ensure to actually get them at each meal. Too often, the food service staff prepares specially requested meals that are never picked up and they end up being discarded. A Scout is Thrifty!

4) At Heritage Reservation, the dining hall facilities in Camps Independence and Freedom are completely peanut and tree nut free for the safety of all campers. If you plan to provide your own supplemental foods, please do not bring any items that contain peanuts or tree nuts (such as Almond Milk) reintroducing those allergens back into the dining hall.

By completing and submitting this form, you agree to the above information.

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Using the menus available at, please indicate which meals you will not be able to eat, and indicate a possible substitute.
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Do you plan on bringing your own food to substitute? Dining facilities at Heritage Reservation are 100% tree nut and peanut free. Please keep this in mind when planning your food choices.
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Contacts will happen approximately 2 weeks prior to your arrival at camp.
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