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Chuckleberry Farm Work Exchange Application Form
Thank you for your interest in Chuckleberry Community Farm.  We appreciate hearing from inspired and enthusiastic people like yourself.  We like to get to know our volunteers a little better. Please answer the following questions.
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Do you comprehend English sufficiently so that you can follow detailed verbal instructions accurately? *
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What are your three greatest challenges? *
Do you have any physical or mental challenges that we should be aware of? *
What is your relationship to marijuana, alcohol and drugs? (Please include any medication you are currently taking) *
Please let us know what kind of skills you have in the following areas:
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Construction / maintenance work skill description: *
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Please provide two english speaking references we could reach by phone. *
When would be the soonest you would be available to join us and for how long are you free to stay? *
When would be good times for us to have a phone conversation with you? *
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