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Bully Prevention Student Survey
Here are some questions about being bullied by other students. We say a student is being bullied when another person, 1. says mean or hurtful things or makes fun of him or her or calls him or her mean and hurtful names, 2. completely ignores or excludes him or her from their group of friends or leaves him or her out of things on purpose, 3. hits, kicks, pushes, shoves around or locks him or her inside a room, 4. tells lies or spreads false rumors about him or her or sends mean notes and tries to make other students dislike him or her.
When we talk about bullying, these things happen repeatedly and it is difficult for the student being bullied to defend himself or herself. We also call it bullying, when a student is teased repeatedly in a mean and hurtful way. We don't call it bullying when the teasing is done in a friendly and playful way. Also, it is not bullying when two students of about equal strength or power argue or fight.
1. Are you a boy or girl? *
2. What grade are you in? *
3. I was bullied and called mean names, made fun of, or teased in a hurtful way. *
4. I was bullied by being left out of things on purpose or completely ignored. *
5. I was bullied by being pushed, hit or kicked. *
6. I was bullied by other students telling lies or spreading rumors about me. *
7. I was bullied by having things taken away or damaged. *
8. I was bullied by being threatened or forced to do things I didn't want to do. * *
9. I was bullied with mean names or comments about my race or color. *
10. I was bullied with mean names, comments or gestures with a sexual meaning. *
11. Where have you been bullied? *
12. Who have you told that you have been bullied at school in the past couple of months? *
13. How often do the adults at school try to put a stop to bullying? *
14. How often do other students try to put a stop to bullying? *
15. How have you bullied at school in the past couple of months? *
16. When you see a student being bullied at school, what do you think or feel? *
17. How do you react when you see bullying at school? *
18. Are you afraid of being bullied at school? *
19. How often do you have classroom meetings? *
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