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Dyslexia App Survey
Thank you for taking part in our quick-fire 2 minute survey :)

We are a new tech start-up called NightTalesApp, our aim is to help those with Dyslexia improve their reading and literacy skills. The App allows users to customise their journey such as changing the fonts, colour of the background, new reading & handwriting techniques and learning via audio.

Our App is being developed right now for kids aged 5-12. We'd like to know what you think about NightTalesApp. If you'd like to know more about us just leave your email below!

Email address
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1) Are you
2) What age group are you in?
3) When reading to your child, what method do you use?
If you do not use any of the methods above, please explain why?
Your answer
4) Have you ever considered using an App to work with your child?
No, its never crossed my mind
Yes I have
5) How much per month would you be willing to pay for an App that delivers new content on a subscription based monthly service. The App includes a diagnostic reading tool, information and blogs about Dyslexia and books that are suitable for Dyslexic children.
5a) If you selected 'wouldn't pay', how much would you pay?
Your answer
5b) If you selected 'wouldn't pay" could you write your reason down below
6) How do you support your child at home?
7) How comfortable would you be to let your child access NightTalesApp by his/her self? (We DO NOT advertise in our App)
Not comfortable at all
Very comfortable to let them play
8) What device would you rather your child uses?
9) What platform would you prefer to see NightTalesApp on? (You can select more than one)
10) How knowledgable are you on Dyslexia?
I don't have any knowledge about Dyslexia
I understand Dyslexia & know effective ways to tackle it
Any other comments please feel free to write it down here (:
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