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WildNatureWander Series - Natural Cordage
This is the first in a series of short accessible Rewilding experiences, offered in collaboration, by Marc Barker of NatureConnect, Shane Furlong of Wild Places, the Irish plant and animal communities and the landscape we call home.

About the Series

With this series we hope to share the grounding and life-affirming experience of Personal Rewilding; coming home to ourselves and our sense of belonging as part of the natural world and breathing life back into some plants, animals and places that we might otherwise overlook.

Along the way we hope to create community connections and raise awareness of the restoration and healing that can come from spending time together with the rest of the Natural World.

We will explore Ancestral Crafts and Old Ways, Sensory Engagement with the Natural World, Inner Resourcing, and Collective Knowledge Sharing.

Bray Head Cordage

On Sunday September 1st between 11:00 and 14:00 we will be stopping for a short while at Bray Head and invite you to join us, stay for a while and share in the craft of cordage making from natural plant fibres, predominantly Nettle.Bray Head is a beautiful location with woodland, coastal and grassland habitats and edge and you may want to plan in a walk to explore the area further afterwards.

We are offering this series at a low cost, to make it accessible and to offer an opportunity to come and get a feel for who we are and what we are offering. We ask for a contribution of 15 euro for the three hour session.

We will bring a selection of Teas and our Kelly Kettles to boil water but please bring your own cup.

We will also bring a small amount of foraged snacks but please also bring whatever food you need to feel nourished while outdoors for 3hours. Also feel free to bring a small snack to share with the group.

Where Can I Find Out More

Follow our Facebook pages or check out our website at to keep track of more stops on our Rewilding wander of the Eastern Coast and surrounding landscape. As we learn about them so will you :).
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