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Clark Public Library Community Survey 2017
Please take a moment to answer this anonymous survey about the library. We are planning for the next three years, and we need the input of our community. Thank you for filling this survey out.
Are you a Clark Resident *
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What do you love about the Clark Public Library?
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What do you feel is missing at the Clark Public Library?
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On Average how often do you visit the library?
What Library programs do you attend?
What sort of programs would you like to see at the Library?
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What are the main ways you use the Clark Public Library? Remember, a "use" can be in-person, by telephone or via the library website. (Check All That Apply)
What do you value the most about the Library?
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How could the library or its services be improved?
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How does the library benefit you or the community?
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How do you typically find out about library programs?
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