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BigIP Report - 2019 Survey
To survey the user base for potential product improvements
Do you see yourself moving on to container based load balancing in the future? If so, which different vendors/products have you been looking into?
This question is meant to give some insight in which products that could be supported in the future.
Who uses BigIPReport today
Knowing where the majority of the user base is helps prioritizing functionality in future releases. Which roles does the majority of the userbase have?
Additional module support?
Would you like to see support for any of these modules?
Backup features?
Would you want the product to handle system backups?
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Statistics for ie. Virtual servers, pools, web acceleration profiles?
Statistics can help admins determine the load of ie. their system, virtual servers or pools. It can also help when troubleshooting memory leaks or planning life cycles and purchasing.
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Query like searching functionality?
Searching with queries (think Splunk, Kibana) instead of filtering columns and globally would open up ways to search for ie. virtual servers that uses a specific iRule, or pools having a specific monitor.
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Would you want to see automatic configuration revisions?
Aside from handling backups it could also be useful to see who did what and when. For both troubleshooting and security purposes.
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API gateway functionality to allow more granular access for API users?
Allowing access to the platform can be tricky in some cases. Maybe you wish to grant access to enable and disable pool members to a specific pool without allowing users to configure all pools in that partitition. Adding an API layer in between could enable you to give out more granular access to the F5:s rest API.
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Monitoring, iHealth and best practices
Would you like to see more monitoring like functionality, scanning the logs for problems, detecting potential configuration that goes against best practices, automatic integration with iHealth.
Would you be willing to pay for any of the features above in a "premium" version?
Many of the features above would require significant development effort. So far this has been a hobby project, but there is a chance that it will become something more.
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Are there any other features that you would like to see?
Any suggestions are good suggestions.
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