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Iowa State Spirit Squad Appearance Request Form
Please fill out the fields below to request any members of the Iowa State University Spirit Squad to appear at your upcoming event. Any request made must be sent at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event and must not exceed six (6) months prior. Completing the request form does not mean that you are immediately approved for the appearance request. Appearance requests are not confirmed or filled ANY earlier than 3-4 weeks in advance of the event.
Cost for Booking
501c Non-Profit Organizations: Each month, the Spirit Squad will do one (1) complimentary appearance for a 501c non-profit organization. This will be filled on a first-to-reserve basis which do fill up very quickly (your non-profit request is not guaranteed to be given free of charge). In order to qualify for this free of charge appearance, the event must be within a 50 mile radius of Ames, Iowa. No organization may book more than one (1) complimentary event within each fiscal year (July 1-June 30) and the appearance time cannot exceed two (2) hours. Any non-profit requests that do not receive the free of charge appearance for the month requested will be charged the appropriate fees as listed below.

General Public: Appearances for companies, individuals, and general public groups will be charged $200/hour for appearance time up to two (2) hours. Any request that exceeds two (2) hours of appearance time will be charged $250/hour for every hour after the first two (2). Cash or check payments are the only accepted forms of payment.

Iowa State units (University departments, student organizations, etc.): A fee of $100/hour will be charged for any campus unit requests. Appearances must be a minimum of 30 minutes. Any request that exceeds two (2) hours of appearance time will be charged $150/hour for every hour after the first two (2). If paying from a campus account, we must have an Intramural Purchase Order to process the payment.

Mileage Charges: Any event located outside of Ames, Iowa will be charged an additional $0.55/mile for round trip mileage.

Travel Charges: Any event located outside of a 50 mile radius of Ames, Iowa will be charged an additional $50/hour of travel time.

Payments must be received at least two (2) days prior to the event. Failure to do so may warrant the Spirit Squad to cancel or refuse the appearance.

Requester Information
Please provide information of the organization or individual completing the request.
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Name of Organization Requesting Appearance
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Is this organization labeled a 501C non-profit agency? *
As stated in our cost for booking policy above, we are unable to fill most appearances free of charge. Are you willing and able to pay the cost for booking fees if your request is accepted? *
Contact Person for Organization *
Please give the name of the person to be contacted with confirmation of Spirit Squad attendance at event.
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Email Address *
Will be sent confirmation details and invoice of charges that may apply.
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Event Information
Please provide information about the event that you are requesting the presence of the Spirit Squad for.
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Event Date *
Start Time of Spirit Squad attendance *
When would you like for the Spirit Squad and/or Cy to start their appearance?
End Time of Spirit Squad attendance *
When would you like for the Spirit Squad and/or Cy to end their appearance?
Event Location *
If requesting Cy, please understand that you must set up a place for the mascot to change (Cy does not arrive dressed).
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Location Address
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Name of event day contact person *
Who can our Spirit Squad members contact the day of the event for information?
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Cell Phone Number for the contact person on the day of the event *
This must be a CELL PHONE NUMBER of the contact person that will be reachable for our Spirit Squad members.
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Is your event affiliated with any political action committees and/or does it feature an appearance by a political figure or raise funds for individuals running for public office? *
If you answered YES above, please explain.
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Event Description
Please give any background on the event that would be helpful for the Spirit Squad and provide any websites for information if applicable.
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Comments/Instructions for Spirit Squad at event.
Please provide any specific instructions that the Spirit Squad may need for this event (parking, check in location, responsibilities, etc.).
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Request Terms and Conditions
For any requests that involve the cheer and dance teams, we typically send a small group of approximately 5-10 members depending on their availability. Except for Iowa State specific pep rally events, Cheer and Dance members DO NOT perform routines at appearances (it is not possible to do so with the numbers that we are able to send). If you would like a large group of members for your event, please contact Kelli Baker via email at for more information.

Requests made for weekdays during "business hours" are often difficult for the Spirit Squad to accommodate due to class, work, and internship schedules. Please be aware of this when making a request.

Appearances must be requested at least two (2) weeks in advance to the actual event date. Failure to do so limits the availability of the Spirit Squad to fulfill the request.

Filling out this request form does not guarantee availability of the Spirit Squad for the appearance. Iowa State reserves the right to cancel an appearance due to illness, personal emergency, schedule conflicts, etc. Iowa State also reserves the right to refuse any appearance request.

Please remember that the Spirit Squad members are students of the university with very busy schedules. Appearances requested within class hours will be much more difficult to fill and less likely to be approved.

The Spirit Squad will NOT make appearances in bars or casinos. The Spirit Squad will NOT make appearances at events supporting or fundraising for political candidates or ballot measures, religious worship services, or events promoting or endorsing products in violation of the Iowa State University Trademark Management Policy and Guidelines.

Participants of the Mascot Squad are the only persons allowed to wear the Cy suit. The Cy suit will not be rented to the general public under any circumstances.

At the events, the requester must provide a private location for Cy to dress and a secure place for Spirit Squad members to place bags or personal items. The changing location must be away from public access to protect the anonymity of the mascot occupying the suit (Public Restrooms are not suitable for changing). If no suitable option for changing at the location of the event is available, off-site changing can be done, but transportation to the event location must be provided by the requester. Requester must provide water for Cy and Spirit Squad members if necessary. For the health and safety of the Iowa State Mascot Squad members, Cy must also be provided with a location appropriate for periodic breaks during the event when applicable. If parking or tickets are required for entrance to the event, all must be provided by the Requester.

Photograph Usage Rules
Cy is a trademarked character of Iowa State University. When the Spirit Squad is at appearances and events, photographs may be taken and used for personal use only. Any company, organization, or individuals are not allowed to use photographs of Cy and Spirit Squad members taken during the event or any Iowa State trademarks for commercial or political advertisements or endorsements. Unless the intent adheres to the Iowa State University Trademark Management Policy and Guidelines, using photos of Cy and/or the Spirit Squad to promote profit or to generate revenue from the event is impermissible.
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