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Getting Started with Python
Date: Nov. 11 & 18
Time: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Where: iLearn Skills Development, Km. 5, La Trinidad Benguet
Contact: 09215156637

Day 1: Absolute Beginner
I. Module 1: Basics
a. Types & Variables
b. Type Function
c. Addition & Errors
d. ASCII Art
e. Input
f. Print Formatting
g. Quote display & Boolean
h. String Formatting &" in" keyword

II. Module 2: Functions
a. Simple Functions
b. function return & multi-parameters
c. Sequence

III. Module 3: Conditionals
a. Conditionals: Boolean Strings
b. Conditionals: Comparison Operators
c. String Comparison
d. Conditions elif and casting
e. Math Operators
f. Conditionals Practice

IV. Module 4: Nesting and Loops
a. Nested Conditionals
b. Escape Sequences
c. 'while' loop and incrementing
d. 'while' Boolean loops
e. Nesting and Loop practice
Day 2: Fundamentals

I. Module 1: Sequence Index
a. String Sequences
b. Index Slicing
c. Iterating Strings
d. String Methods

II. Module :2 Sequence Manipulation
a. List Sequences
b. List Append
c. List Insert
d. List Delete

III. Module 3: Sequence Iteration
a. Power of List Iteration
b. Range Iteration
c. extend, reverse, sort methods
d. between strings & lists

IV. Module 4: Files
a. Files import, open & read
b. File .readlines() and .close() methods
c. File .readline() & .strip() methods
d. File .write() & .seek() methods
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