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Centennial UMC-SAP Campus Care Responder
COVID-19 has changed the way we live, but it does not change the way we love and care for each other at Centennial United Methodist Church- in fact our need for community has never been stronger!

Are you of able body and mind to help others at this time?

Are you getting a little bored with this social distance thing and could use something to put your energy to?

We would love to partner someone in our church family with you that is in need of care!

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you when we find a match that fits your availability and offers!

*Please take your own health and age into consideration when offering help, we want to help everyone stay as healthy as possible. And continue to practice good social distancing etiquette while offering the care you provide. Do not go to your partner if you are in any way sick for at least 2 weeks- please reschedule or contact Amanda at if that occurs during your volunteering window.*
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Preferred method of contact
How do you want to help? This can be a family thing- feel free to get your teens/ kids involved if you have them!
How often are you available to provide this service?
Any other ideas for service, questions or concerns? put them here! Thank you SO much for your willingness to serve in this time of great need- you are what makes our church GREAT!
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