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Wireless Paradise Survey
Participate in our survey to receive 20% off any item in the store, including repairs! Your personal information and responses will not be shared with anyone other than the Wireless Paradise marketing staff for research purposes. If you have any questions/comments, please call (239) 324-0028 or contact
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Have you ever been to Wireless Paradise?
Have you ever heard about Wireless Paradise, if so, where?
What model phone(s) do you currently own?
How old is your current phone(s)?
Have you ever broken a phone(s)?
Do you have insurance on your phone(s)?
Would you like insurance on your phone(s)?
When buying a phone, what is most important to you?
What is your biggest concern when buying a pre-owned phone(s)?
What is the most you would spend on a pre-owned phone(s)?
How important are accessories to you when buying a phone(s)?
What is the accessory you HAVE to have for your phone(s)?
How long is too long of a wait for a repair to be completed?
What do you value most from a mobile device repair store?
Would you recommend Wireless Paradise to a friend/family?
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