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SOMT Swimming Coach Certification Quiz
This quiz must be completed every 3 years by all coaches wishing to be certified in this sport.
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In what events is STANDING on the bottom permissible? *
Will athletes be disqualified for walking or jumping on the bottom of the pool, while in a race? *
What should coaches teach athletes to do if they feel "panicky" or "exhausted" when in the pool? *
During a competition start, athletes with hearing or sight impairments may receive the following accommodations: *
Which score is used to division athletes at state level events, and therefore should be submitted with registration? *
Each unified relay team must include how many athletes and unified teammates? *
Must unified relay teams race in a specific order, or are they free to choose whichever order best suits the team? *
During butterfly and breast stroke competitions, athletes must touch the wall with both hands to finish. *
To prevent athletes from bumping their heads during backstroke finishes, coaches can ask athletes to practice: *
Which of the following statements are true in regards to filing a protest? *
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