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MissionMate Accountability Partner System
Let's find you your perfect accountability partner!
Let's start with your goal and your basic expectations.
What is your name?
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What kind of goal are you trying to achieve?
What exactly do you want to achieve in the next 30 days? Be reeeeally specific!
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How often do you want to check-in with your accountability partner?
Over what medium do you want to check-in with your accountability partner?
And now, who are you?
What's your gender?
How old are you?
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What's your time zone?
What's your email again (to contact you with your new accountability partner)?
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Awesome, we'll get to you in less than three days with your new and shining accountability partner! BUT, your challenge starts NOW. Start your 30-Day-Challenge and we'll contact you and your accountability partner in 30 days to see how you did. Good luck!
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