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19-20 Phantoms Tryout Registration
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Travel Tryouts: I understand that I must bring two checks to the tryout in the following amounts:: $25 evaluation fee/$75 commitment fee for ADM/Mites. I understand that Registration and Commitment checks must be written separate and Made out to PYHA. For PeeWee fall registration it will be $50 registration fee and commitment will be build in to payment plan.
I agree that the birth certificate provided at the time of registration is true and accurate.
I agree to play for the Phantoms Youth Hockey Association (PYHA) during the 2019-20 USA Hockey Fall/Winter season once I have commited.
I agree to be responsible and timely in all payments due and to understand that all fees and cost associated with the Program are non-refundable. In addition to the fees outlined in this contract, there will be additional fees assessed at team levels.
I agree that if a player is paid in full for the 2019-20 PYHA hockey season by August 15th, 2019, there will be a 10% discount given to that player. If the budget is raised for any reason during the season, that player will receive 10% off that amount. Does not apply to House Players.
I agree to acquire a USA Hockey number and report that number to the team manager before the start of the 2019-20 season.
I agree to abide by all Bylaws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures set forth by the PYHA, Executive Committee, USA Hockey, The Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League and /or any other league in which the team participates.
I agree to abide by the Player and Parent Codes of Conduct established by USA Hockey or PYHA, to understand that failure to do so is grounds for disciplinary actions at the discretion of the PHANTOMS YOUTH HOCKEY ASSOCIATION Executive Committee.
We (I) DO give permission for the Team Roster and Team Photo including my child(ren) to be included in all PYHA publications as well as on the PYHA website, This also includes any of the organization’s social media sites and the local newspaper.
I agree that all monthly budget payment must be paid in a timely manner, all payments that are 15 or more days past the due date will result in a twenty five dollar late fee. All payments 30 days past the due date will result in the player being suspended from ice.
I agree that we realize the PYHA is a non-profit organization that has established itself for the benefit of the participants. We therefore agree to hold harmless all parties associated with the PHANTOMS YOUTH HOCKEY ASSOCIATION, its sponsors, its coaches, its subcontractors, rink providers and USA Hockey and its affiliates for injuries or accidents during the pursuit of team functions.
I agree, to accept the decisions of the coaches to assign positions and allocate playing time. PYHA intends for all the teams to play at a competitive level of hockey and in “game” situations playing time may not be equal among all players except for ADM U8.
I agree that PYHA will add $50 to all player/goalie budgets, but families will be able to sell 10 ($5.00) raffle tickets, per player, for the PYHA organizational fundraiser that will take place in December. This will be the only fundraiser you will be obligated to take part for the organization as a whole. You will keep the money from the tickets you sell to cover the $50 budget increase. This does not include the House players.
I agree that if PYHA changes its name any time after the above agreements are made, I(We) understand that all of these agreements will stand under the new organizations name.
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