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Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado Candidate Questionnaire
NOTICE: Information submitted will remain confidential. The candidate review committee will review materials in detail and make recommendations to the board for approval.
Email address *
What is your name? *
Which elected office are you campaigning to win? *
What were the results of the last 3 elections in the race for which you are running?
Why are you running for this particular office?
What is your motivation for running and/or goal if you win?
What candidate training have you attended? When?
What is the name and contact information of your campaign manager?
What candidate training school has your campaign manager attended? When?
When is the primary filing deadline? *
Describe the strategic situation of your race. Who is running against you?
What are the strengths/weaknesses of the competition in name recognition, fundraising, key constituents?
What mitigating factors, if any, do you feel lend your campaign the edge to win?
Please also describe the same for the general election.
You are going to ask for money. What is your pitch?
Please attach written plan for fundraising and expenses. Please provide a current copy of your resume/CV.
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