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Call for Speakers - Cluj.PM Meetup - 3 Nov '16
Our November meetup is featuring Matt S. Trout (mst) as a guest speaker. See you all again on November the 3rd, at our usual meeting spot: City Plaza Hotel.

If you're working with Perl on a daily basis, or just want to learn more about this versatile language, don't miss out on our meetups. Come and meet Matt Trout, fellow Perl programmers & catch up with friends.

So if you are interested in giving a talk, you should know that your topics may cover anything related to Perl development, entrepreneurship, UI, business, devops, and why not, even other related programming languages! Be creative and surprise us with some really special talk proposals. We know you have it in YOU!

Now back to the administrative details, please submit your talk by October 27th, 2016. Please keep in mind that there are three types of talk slots: 40 minutes, 20 minutes and 5 minutes (lightning talks). Choose the one that suits you best, or leave us a comment if you need a different time slot. To submit a talk, you can also sent an email to, including title, abstract & duration of your talk.

All the approved speakers will be notified by October 28th, 2016. For details and updates, keep an eye on our social channels!

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