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Crescent Moon Nights Feedback
Here at Crescent Moon Nights, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve our open mics and events. We want to do as much as we can for the DC Community. We want to be able to showcase all forms of art and expression and want to hear from you! It would benefit our core team to organize events that you enjoy! Thank you for taking your time to fill this very short survey that will take under 5 minutes to do!
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How much do you enjoy your time at Crescent Moon Nights Monthly Open Mics? *
Not very much
It's so dope!
How safe and inclusive do you find CMN open mics? *
Not safe and inclusive
I feel very safe and it is inclusive
How much do you enjoy the hosts of the show? *
Not so much
Amazing hosts!
What can the host do to make the open mic better?
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Do you believe that CMN has allowed you to make new friends? *
What part of the Open Mic do you enjoy? Check all that apply. *
How easy is it for you to get to Sankofa cafe on a Saturday? *
I live far away and it is not easy
Great location!
Which day do you prefer the monthly open mics to be? *
What improvements can be made to the Monthly Open mic specifically? *
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What other events do you wish to see Crescent Moon Nights do?
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