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Policy Recommendations Survey for Open Badges (Erasmus+/Open Badge Network)
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Open Badge Network / Erasmus + / Strategic Partnership
Aims and background of this survey
This online survey focuses on policy recommendations for Open Badges as digital micro-credentials and is part of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership called Open Badge Network. We are looking for responses from policy makers on both national and international level from policy-making organisations in education and employment. By filling out this survey you are helping us to collect policy recommendations for establishing Open Badges as an instrument of digital recognition of skills and achievements, especially those acquired in non-formal and informal learning settings, in Europe and beyond.

Please plan approx. 30-45 minutes to fill out this survey.

Thank you for your support!

Your response to the survey is voluntary and will be used only for the purpose of the Open Badge Network Project, i.e. writing a policy recommendations paper informing policy makers and Open Badge users. Please do not forward this survey without informing the Open Badge Network project as we are asking only a few selected stakeholders to ensure the quality of the responses. Please contribute to the effectiveness of this survey by responding only once.
1. Introduction
The Open Badge Network (OBN) is an Erasmus + strategic partnership which brings together organisations from across Europe to support the development of an Open Badge ecosystem, promoting the use of Open Badges as digital micro-credentials to recognise non-formal and informal learning. Our project aims to provide a trusted source of independent information, tools and informed practice to support people who are interested in creating, issuing and earning badges across Europe.

Open Badges is an open standard that allows all a full range of competencies (including hard and soft skills, practical and theoretical knowledge, personal, social and methodological abilities, learning outcomes and achievements) to be recognised and shared across the web in the form of digital micro-credentials with embedded meta-data. Schools, universities, employers and informal learning providers globally are using Open Badges to capture life long learning which would normally remain unrecognised.

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