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Bioinformatics 3S03: Module Survey
Hi everyone!

We are your Bio 3S03 classmates and we are hoping to develop interactive e-learning modules for our course. We hope that through these modules, we are able to cover basic content and therefore minimize the workload that it takes to go through lecture notes covering the same. We would like to hear your ideas in relation to information the modules will contain.

More specifically, we were thinking of making the modules on content that could be learned independently. For instance: terminology, equation derivation, and any background information such as transcription, translation, and related enzymes. The textbook as well as Dr. Golding's lecture notes will be used to construct the modules, and there will be questions and activities throughout the module to maximize content understanding and retention.

Please, complete the short Google Form found below to contribute your thoughts! Anything would help!

Thank you for your time.

What topics, in your opinion, could be covered by modules? Pick as many as you wish. *
Would you prefer to have checkpoint questions at the end of the modules and/or other interactive components (such as matching, true/false, etc.) ? *
How long would you prefer each module to be (without considering the time to complete checkpoint questions)? *
If you have any questions, and/or shall you have any other ideas pertaining to module development, please leave it in the box below! Thank you.
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