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Q.uery Collective Application

Q.uery was created to give space and community to queer artists and queer artists of color looking to creative individual work with a community of artists who can come together in safety and loving kindness to create incredible work.

We're so excited to get to explore your art. Please be as honest and open as you can when it comes to the questions. We want to get to know you and who you are at this moment. There are no wrong answers.

At this time we are currently looking for:
-theatre makers (playwrights/directors/actors/devisers)
-writers (poets/playwrights/etc.)
-visual artists (video/film/installation/painting)

To be chosen for the season:
-NYC must be accessible for you
-You MUST self-identify as queer!
-Interested in exploring an entirely self-made work in community with the members of the Group.
-Participate in weekly or bi-weekly (depending on our schedules) workshops.

Actors, dancers, musicians who would like to be kept on file in case one of our artists needs additional personnel, please send an email to

When it comes to your availability, it's pretty inconsequential at the moment since we'll most likely form our meetings and workshop period around your schedule once we have a Group, so we just need it for the future.

Any additional questions, please email

Tori & Q.uery Collective

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What do you want to accomplish at the end of the four month long season both personally and with your art? *
What are the work(s) you want to explore while you're a part of Q.uery? This is your time to pitch your work!
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When are you mostly free? Choose as many as you'd like. This is very broad and we will hone in closer to the start of it all. *
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