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Choosing teams will help the Volunteer Coordinator know who to reach out to when we have specific projects to work on. Below are the teams you can join with a description of each. Please respond to each team with your level of interest. Note that your levels of interest do not limit your participation. You will receive communication for teams that you respond "very interested" or "moderately interested" to but will not be involved in correspondence for teams you respond "not interested" to unless there is a dire need. Let Mercedes know if you have any questions: or 205-758-0808.

-Main Office: Administrative support; front desk support/crisis call support; project assistance; office organization and upkeep

-Shelter: Crisis call support; on-call shifts for transportation; administrative support; donation organization and allocation

-Advocacy: child advocacy assistance (children's group, child care)

-Community Visibility and Outreach: Tabling and information sharing events; raising community awareness of Turning Point through community presence; event assistance and coordination

-Event/Project Assistance: Help setting up and breaking down community events; assistance with large projects at the office or shelter

-Public Relations and Fundraising: Help maintain social media pages; flyer and advertisement design; recruiting; activity planning and coordinating; fundraising

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Main Office
Community Visibility & Outreach
Event/Project Assistance
Public Relations & Fundraising
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