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Lead4life Skills Exit Survey SY 2018-19
Before you leave class today, answer the following questions.
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What would you say is the most valuable thing you have gained from Lead4life this school year? *
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Give examples of how you have applied the lessons that were taught in Lead4life.
Please provide a response for the following three areas of skill application.
1. To your Academics/School Setting? *
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2. To your Family/Home Environment? *
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3. To your Social Life with Friends? *
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Evaluate your own growth & experiences
Has Lead4life contributed to your growth as an individual? *
If Yes, List at least 3 ways you have seen growth.
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Has Lead4life assisted in developing a clear vision or plan for your future? *
If Yes, Give a brief description of your plan.
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Has Lead4life given you the tools to accomplish the goals you have set for your life? *
How would you rate how well you participated in the Lead4life workshops and activities? *
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How would you describe your overall experience in the Lead4life Skills Program? *
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If you could change any aspect of the program, what would it be? *
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How likely are you to recommend this program to a friend? *
Would you like to participate in the Lead4life Skills program next school year? *
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