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Mehirat Hametz/Selling Your Hametz 2020

During Passover, it is prohibited to own any leaven known as Hametz. Centuries ago, our Sages established a contract known as a Shtar Hametz by which one is enabled to “sell” one’s Hametz to a Gentile neighbor or agent (not bound by the laws of Passover), and to then “buy” it back at the conclusion of the festival. Traditionally a donation is made at the same time for Ma’ot Hittin (to provide Passover supplies to Jews in need). There are several ways to sell your Hametz. Complete & return the attached form to the JCCH by 9:00 am, Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

To make a donation, go to

I, the undersigned, hereby relinquish ownership of all Hametz and Hametz mixtures in my possession.

I authorize Rabbi Eytan Hammerman or any subsequent agent that he may appoint, to act on my behalf for the purpose of selling my Hametz and Hametz mixtures to any other agent for the duration of the Passover festival. I further agree that I will gather all the Hametz, Hametz mixtures, and all cookware, utensils, dishes and all items used to prepare and consume Hametz, and place them in a segregated, clearly marked area. This contract absolves me of all Hametz of which I am aware. In this regard, I am enclosing a donation for Ma’ot Hittim.

For the purpose of this contract, Hametz is defined as, but not limited to: leavened bread, cakes, biscuits, crackers, cereal, coffee substitutes derived from grain, wheat, barley, oats, (and for Ashkenazim all rice, peas, dry beans), all liquids which include ingredients and/or flavors derived from Hametz and/or grain alcohol. Hametz mixtures are defined as: any substances, be it edible or not, which contain or are joined to any Hametz whatsoever.
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