Smokers Needed!

This study is only for those who smoke cigarettes. We are interested in looking at how smoking may influence the enjoyability of various activities. During five 2-hr lab sessions, you will smoke cigarettes that may or may not contain nicotine, or will not smoke. Then, you will fill out mood forms and do a simple computer task to gain access to some activities like listening to music or viewing videos.

Please answer the following questions to determine your eligibility for our study. In order to see if you qualify, we need to get some information from you through some questions about your smoking patterns and general health. There is a possibility that some of these questions may make you uncomfortable or distressed; if so, you do not have to answer those questions if you do not want to. You also need to understand that all of the information we receive from you will be strictly confidential and will be kept under lock and key. However, if confidentiality about your smoking and health information should somehow be breached, this could affect your insurability or employability. The purpose of these questions is only to determine whether you are eligible for this study. Remember, your participation is voluntary; you do not have to complete these questions.