Join the Indian Maker Party at FAB10

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We are seeking a group airfare discount (38.000 INR per person, roundtrip) for makers coming from India to Barcelona, Spain this 2-8 July for the MIT-affiliated Fab Lab Conference: This is a bulk airline discount, so everyone is eligible whether or not you are involved with maker activities.

If you are serious about attending this conference, please fill out the form below to join our group.

An approximate total budget for the conference:
Airfare: 38.000 INR
Conference registration (including most food): 29.250 INR for Fab Lab affiliates (those who organise workshops for the Fab Festival get 50% off tickets)
Barcelona taxis/metro: 9.000 INR
Food: 4000 per person
Visa costs: 7225 per visa, not including expediting fees ( )
Accommodation: 14.400-29.000 for 8 nights--
- Cheapest option: 1800/person/night in 4-bed room in a hostel ( , website didn't mention availability )
- Most hotels: 3600/person/night in 2-bed room plus taxes

TOTAL per person (moderate estimate): 107.500 INR