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2019 Local Candidate Questionnaire
Dear Candidate,

This year the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund will continue making important and strategic investments to support a safer future for all Washingtonians. Our mission at the Victory Fund is to provide accurate information to the public and our growing list of supporters about candidate positions on issues related to gun responsibility and gun violence prevention.

Gun violence in our country accounted for nearly 40,000 preventable deaths in 2017. These staggering numbers do not include far more preventable injuries, lifelong impacts of gun violence on survivors, families of victims, and financial costs to taxpayers. In Washington State, more people die annually from gun violence than motor vehicle accidents. It's an unacceptable toll - and it’s our responsibility to take action.

Despite overwhelming public support for common sense gun safety laws, a lot of heated rhetoric continues to surround this issue. Our obligation to the candidates we support, and to the public interest, is to remain steadfast in our commitment to data-driven, proven legal reforms and reasonable discourse. We believe the vast majority of Washingtonians who support stronger gun laws deserve elected leaders in local offices statewide who represent their values. The Victory Fund allows us to help constituents keep track of candidates who stand with the people of Washington, and those who side with the gun lobby.

Our broad coalition of law enforcement, public health experts, faith and business leaders, parents and teachers, Democrats and Republicans, veterans, gun owners and survivors, reflect the broad public support to make our communities safer.

Please accept our invitation to join the growing movement to reduce gun violence in our state and across our country by filling out our Candidate Questionnaire. Your answers help us understand more about you and your level of support for the issues championed by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

Thank you for your complete answers to the following questions; feel free to provide comment beyond the space provided with an addendum attached to this questionnaire. Note that your answers may be made available to the public via the Alliance website.

Renee Hopkins
Alliance for Gun Responsibility

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