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Painting Tucson RED...Dress
The hashes of Tucson, jHavelina, Honey Badger, Mr Happy's and Pedalfiles are painting the town RED and we want you to join us. So put on your best painting red dress and cum have some fun. There will be BOOBIES, and BEER and a general shitty time.

When: July 20th -the 22nd
START for ALL the shenanigans: Flamingo Quality Inn 1300 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705
Hotel info: Phone # (520) 770-1910 tell them you’re with the Red Dress Run/ King room is #62.99/ Double is $69.99
Charity: Felicia's Farm....this is a local farm that grows fresh produce for the homeless and their children. Please check out their website it's kinda cool....

What we're gonna do....
Fri night: Check in and gimmie collection starting at 4:00pm
Pub Crawl...OK... everyone lets BVFC out trying to outrun cars this year!! Our hares will lead you down a very familiar but fantastic road of bars, boobs, and BEER! Make sure to bring ID and Cash/Credit Card or some form of payment as this is pay as you go.

Sat: AM Hotel provided breakfast will be served till 10am
10:30ish Checkin and gimmie collecting
$2.00 Bloody Mary/ Michilata/ Mimosa Bar will be available for your can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning (all money goes to our charity) and of course FREE BEER!!
If you miss Breakfast don't worry lunch will be served around 11:30ish
Hares away 1:00pm ish NO BUSSES YAY!!!!! Start will be from the hotel!!
Dinner will be provided upon our return and of course BEER!
Auction and chillin by the pool ....and'll see
Sun: Morningish Hangover Hash...this will be hosted by our FABULOUS Honey Badgers/Pedalfiles and they don't give a shit! Start will be 11:00am ish. Hash cash $5 this is not included in your rego.

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I am at least 21 years of age and understand that running and drinking alcohol are inherently dangerous activities, especially if done at the same time. I hereby waive any and all potential claims against the event’s organizers. I agree to hold harmless all members of the Hash House Harriers and all participants in the Tucson Red Dress Run for any negative consequences I experience as a result of my participation. I agree that my issue, heirs, executors, and assigns shall also be bound by this agreement. I recognize that the use of alcohol may impair the judgment of myself and others associated with this event, and agree to take responsibility for my own safety.

"If I get hurt, it’s my own damn fault and I’m not going to sue anyone.” BVFC!

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