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Physics Learning Assistant (LA) Application Fall 17
The Penn State physics department has open positions for undergraduate Learning Assistants in PHYS 001, 211, 212, 213, 214, 250, 251. We may also have open spots in specialized classes (honors, for majors) and higher level classes such as PHYS 410, 419, etc. Please use this application form to indicate your interest in serving as an LA.
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Student id (number starting with 9) *
Used in registering you for SC 220 (LA training course, if needed) and SC 240 (credit for your work as a LA)
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Are you a new or returning LA? *
If you are a returning LA, what course did you previously work in? If new, please leave answer blank.
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What course do you want to work with as a Learning Assistant? You must have already successfully completed this course. *
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Instructor who taught this class *
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What others courses have you successfully completed in the physics department? *
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You may also include a minor if you wish.
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How many semesters have you finished at PSU? If you are a first semester freshman, answer "1"
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What are your goals in wanting to be an LA? New LAs only.
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What are your future goals in your career and life? New LAs only.
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New LAs are required to complete a 1-credit 7-week science pedagogy course (SC 220). Please tell us ALL of the following times that you are available to attend this course. This is a required course and you will be registered for the course based on your preferences. You do not register yourself. *
Only first-time LAs must answer this question. You will only attend one pedagogy course per week for 6 weeks. If you have already taken the course (or BIOL400/SC297), you don't need to repeat it. Please choose all time slots that you can attend to help us find the time that works the best for all.
Are you interested to be an LA for the Honors/Physics majors classes of Phys 211,212,213/214 or for a Phys 400 level classes (such as Phys 410,419)? If so, explain why you are interested. If not, leave blank.
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