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Sex Workers Manifesto: Pornhub/Mindgeek & Tube Sites
Pornhub and the entire Mindgeek network as well as the other porn “tube sites” that use the same system have been engaging in dishonest, exploitative, and illegal practices for years.

Following very serious events that have recently come to light, we as representatives of producers, performers, sex workers and other workers within the adult entertainment industry, have decided to write this manifesto to raise public awareness and show an absolute rejection of Pornhub, Mindgeek and all other free porn tube sites.

Over the past several months, multiple cases of exploitation, rape, and trafficking of adults and minors on Pornhub have been exposed in the media by various media outlets and investigative journalists. We understand that these crimes are egregious and the victims of these crimes are worth fighting for.

We want to reiterate that we completely reject Pornhub and Mindgeek for its role in enabling and profiting from these horrific crimes of abuse and we do not want our work associated with this unethical company.

In this regard we support the #Traffickinghub campaign to hold Pornhub/Mindgeek accountable for aiding sex trafficking.

Although crimes against children are of the utmost priority, we want the public to know that we in the adult entertainment industry are also victims of industry monopolization by Mindgeek and content piracy by Pornhub and associated tube sites. We however have had enough and will no longer be subdued by the big Mindgeek “mafia” that destroys the image of our industry for their benefit, increasing the stigmatization and devaluation of the adult industry, and of all its workers in its various fields.

By analyzing and reviewing the way these porn tube platforms operate, it is clear that by providing “free” porn for consumers, they attract billions of visits to their sites, which in turn generates enormous profits for them through advertising; premium memberships; monetizing user data; the sale of videos created by users, performers, and small production companies; and commissions for diverting traffic to porn production sites in exchange for publishing content through their affiliate systems.

Because of this, the more content they have, the more traffic they generate, and the more revenue they bring in. Pornhub and other "porn tubes" therefore are motivated to provide users with a quick and unrestricted way to upload content with no barriers in place.

For “content partners” and “ModelHub” performers, an identification and bank account is required to upload content, however, for the majority of users, Pornhub allows anonymous uploads with only an email address needed. No reliable verification of age, identification, or consent is required. This system enables anyone to upload stolen content as well as illegal child abuse material, real rape, sex trafficking, revenge porn, and other non-consensual videos. All of this, without any repercussions for either for the person who uploaded the video, or for the platform in question.

The technical system to request an identification is simple and exists, since it is not implemented, one must conclude that Mindgeek has an interest in this content being made available on their websites. After all, more content equals more site traffic and more money.

Instead of preventing illegal content from being uploaded to the site by simply verifying the age, identification and consent of those in the videos it profits from, Pornhub instead requires producers who want to report their frequently stolen videos to fill out an online form, which costs producers and performers significant time and effort to repeatedly try to remove their own stolen content from the website. The process is often futile because Pornhub allows millions of users the opportunity to steal the content and upload it anonymously again and again. Pornhub and all tube sites should require proof that not only the content is the property of the person uploading it, but also that all participants are of legal age and have signed appropriate consent forms. This is the same data that all production companies must have, not only by law, but also by ethics. Pornhub however has been allowed for far too long to get away with reckless disregard for the safety and protection of those featured in the content it profits from.

Instead of taking the appropriate measures to prevent illegal content from being uploaded to the site, Pornhub instead places the burden of detecting illegal material on its users, models, and producers. On the site there is a form Pornhub created to flag illegal and unauthorized content with the following options:

- inappropriate content
- minors
- the video does not play
- spam or misleading
- content removal request

The fact that Pornhub provides the option of reporting videos containing the abuse of minors or requesting to delete unauthorized content, demonstrates that they themselves recognize and assume that this type of content can be found on their website.In addition to all of this, a search for "teen" content, will turn up banner ads and videos that are of dubious origin that promote the rape of minors and pedophilia. We don’t agree with nor condone promoting this type of content.

In addition to all that is stated above another issue we want to expose and protest is the exploitative practice on Pornhub of the conditions that must be met for producers to have their content promoted on the site. In order to be featured on the homepage, producers must publish videos of at minimum 10 minutes and place banners from the producer at the foot of the video.

Seeing that the usual time of a video is between 20-30 min, a 10 minute video could account for 50% of the total content. Considering the nature of the content and the reason users frequent these websites, it can also be expected that for a large portion of users 10 minutes is the time necessary to use the content and leave the web. These conditions also exclude videos in which the final time of the video is 10 minutes or less, requiring producers to publish the full content of the video in exchange for potential click-through visits to the producers official website. If producers don't meet this minimum time per video, Pornhub places banners from third-party companies around the video that they have previously sold through TraffikJunky, which also belongs to the Mindgeek network.

Pornhub also engages in these exploitative conditions of sex workers in the Pornhub mobile app, where they put advertising banners from other companies on producers content, whether or not they reach the minimum video time, instead of the banners corresponding to the production company that has published the content.It is very unusual for these types of conditions stated above to revert positively for the producers that are compelled to place their content on Pornhub as the site is the primary means by which most of the world is accessing pornography today.

For all of these reasons, we the undersigned demand that authorities open investigations and shut down Pornhub as well as the entire network of tube websites owned by Mindgeek and any other free “porn tube” sites that use the same system--exploiting sex workers and being complicit in a wide range of filmed crimes for profit. Below is summary of our reasons:

- Complicity of Pornhub/Mindgeek in the exploitation of videos of the rape, abuse and trafficking of women and minors such as those investigated by various media and exposed by the Traffickinghub campaign.
- Multiple illegalities that were investigated and exposed in the documentary Pornocracy
- Allowing uninhibited content piracy
- Offering users a platform to publish stolen content without effective controls.
- Not requiring identification from users who upload content, therefore facilitating the exploitation of minors.
- The abusive conditions that producers have to go through if they want to be promoted on the site
- The existence of young "teen" categories and the promotion of banners in which women characterized as minors can be seen, promoting pedophilia and child abuse.

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The representatives of producers, performers, sex workers and other workers within the adult entertainment industry that sign in below, do not agree with and categorically reject the practices of Pornhub/Mindgeek that we have exposed in this writing.
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