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Main Street Elementary School of Arts & Leadership Title One Needs Assessment Survey Public Input
As part of our Title 1 School-Wide Program, each school must complete a comprehensive needs assessment to help guide the development of their school improvement plan. The results of the survey will assist in planning for the 2019-2020 school year. As stakeholders, your input is vital to the school improvement process. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

My school is: Please select all that apply. *
Do you think the class size has an impact on instruction?
As a parent/guardian, I would like to see additional training provided in the following areas. Please select all that apply.
I have regular access to the interest:
What suggestions can you offer for improving on how the needs of English as a second language and/or migratory students at your school are being served?
Your answer
In my child's school, there is a need for more technology devices such as: Please select all that apply.
Please rate the following: Select only one. Provide funding for salaries/benefits for hiring highly qualified para-professionals to assist with small group instruction, instructional interventionists, media assistants, and operate computer labs. *
Provide funding to purchase supplies/materials and books for the media center to increase student achievement across the core subject areas.
Provide funding for registration, lodging, meals & mileage, and substitute for staff to participate in professional development training geared toward their area of expertise.
Provide funding to provide stipends/benefits for Parent Liaisons and EL Translators.
Provide funding for student incentives for achieving academic goals in all core subject areas, to increase student attendance to decrease tardiness and improved discipline.
Provide funds to purchase technology devices & software licenses to integrate technology into classroom instruction. To increase achievement, activities will be enhanced with the use technology to support the curriculum across the core content.
How would you improve this course?
In Florence County School District Three, our Mission is to ensure all students are college and career ready. What suggestions do you have ensure all students in Florence Three are prepared?
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In Florence County District Three, we have a goal to build effective school, community, and business relationships/partnerships. What suggestions can you provide to assist Florence Three in accomplishing this goal?
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In Florence County School District Three, we have a goal to recruit, retain, and train excellent instructional and administrative staff. What suggestions can you provide to assist Florence Three in accomplishing this goal?
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