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JCYF 2016 BackPack Drive for Jersey City Schools
The Jersey City Youth Foundation is working towards the goal of providing backpacks for every child in a Jersey City public school. Your participation in identifying how many students you have today at each grade level will help ensure the right number of age appropriate school supply kits are provided to you. If we are successful in this effort we can eliminate the need for families to register individually for the backpacks and provide one more point of relief and assistance to families helping their children have a success school year.
Full name of the primary contact cooridnating backpack drive for your school *
Email address of the primary contact *
Phone Number of the primary contact *
Please provide total number of students by grade so we can provide you with the appropriate number of age appropriate school supply kits.
example: PreK-4 = 20, PreK-3 = 25, Kindergarden= 40, etc....
Please indicate your school.
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