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Newtopia: Eco-Island of Change! Application Form (Ephemerisle 2016)
Welcome to Newtopia
Join us, July 11-17, in the co-creation of Ephemerisle's first ever eco-island! Experience high level transformation, create beautiful memories, and forge friendships to last a lifetime!

Come, be a part of our floating community of creators and innovators for a week of fun in the sun chock-full of ideation, collaboration, networking, and the celebration of life as we continue to prototype a more excellent tomorrow at this ephemeral event.

There is no monetary barrier to entry for this event, but we ask that you actively participate. We’re selectively screening attendees--we’re interested in who you are and what you can do more than anything else.

(Note: this is not a confirmation of attendance--this form will be reviewed and participants will be selected using varied metrics [including but not limited to contributions, purpose, and alignment]. If you have been selected to attend, a confirmation mail will be sent to you).

Learn more:

You have found your tribe--Newtopia awaits.
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Which nights will you be staying with us? *
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If you had unlimited resources bestowed upon you to put towards one thing, what would it be and why? *
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Are you able to help with prebuild & make-ready of Newtopia (vessels, floating platforms, art installations, etc)? *
If so, in what capacity?
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Are you able to provide any monetary support by donating to the manifestation of this experience? If so, how much (please answer in total, not per night)? *
If everyone donated $100/night, we will be able to cover the costs of all of the mind blowing things we want to do this year. Surplus will be directly funneled into making the Ephemerisle experience even more amazing for all to enjoy (contributions are tax-deductible upon 501(c)3 approval)!
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Which experiences would you like to help facilitate (if any)?
Food, Music, Art, Workshops, Salons, Conferences, Pitch Contests, Solutions Sessions, Sports, Games, Other? Event Itinerary:
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In what other ways can you contribute/participate?
Either for this event, or Oceanus' larger goals of world betterment
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Share with us something cool and exciting!
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Anything else you'd like to relay:
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We look forward to having the most phenomenal experience with each and every one of you! That being said, there are only a certain number of people we can accommodate at this juncture in our development.

Our prime objective is to aggregate and connect with brilliant people, cross potentate passions, and grow our community! Your optional donations ensure the grandeur and continuation of this experience beyond the Delta and into the Bay.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and value the gift of your friendship. We are so excited to co-create this future with you all! Stay amazing!



Cost analysis and task list:

Our event itinerary:

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