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Learning Center Interest Form
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.

The survey is in preparation for the launching of a ​new learning/tutoring center by Boston Roundtable​. We are an Amherst-based ​education​ ​company hoping to start a new tutoring and learning center in the greater Hampshire county area. We are in the early development stages of our planning and would like to get a handle of what parents and students are currently looking for in extracurricular supplements to school learning. ​Eight questions total.

Please visit us online:

We are also CURRENTLY HIRING FOR POSITIONS at the center - find those at:

Please contact us with any questions:

What grade is/are your child/children in?
In which town do they attend school?
What areas of after school program is your child interested in? (Please check all that apply)
Would you be interested in a tutoring center where they could enhance their understanding of a topic in a small class (5-13 students) context?
What would be the most best time for this center's hours to run based on your current schedule?
Which longterm class formats would you like to see?
What pricing style would you prefer?
If you'd like to be updated on the process of our tutoring center, please enter your Email address here (not required):
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